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Review and Giveaway: Totally Texty  

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Based in Edwardsville, Illinois, Totally Texty™ is privately owned and
operated by Sarah Mullican and Janynne Stahl. These two, stay at home
moms, are the latest entrepreneurs to break into the world of hair care.

"We were tired of buying shampoo for our teens and tweens that did not
address the needs of their scalps."

Made specially for the scalp needs of teens and tweens, Totally Texty is
Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Parabens, DEA, and TEA
free. It will help the hair stay fresh longer, without adding harsh
chemicals to the hair. We have achieved this by adding a new deodorizer
to the formulation.

We have created two unique formulas. "We are trying to incorporate text
messaging fun with the best of hair care." Totally Texty™ products comes
in a distinctively packaged bottle with a fun text message title ddg(drop
dead gorgeous) and ytmn(you’re the man now). Each formulation has an age
appropriate scent that appeals to teens and tweens (No bubble gum flavor

Sarah was born and raised in Illinois. She has worked with kids most of her adult life, teaching music for 13 years. After having children, she became a stay at home mom. As her children have grown, she became aware of that "teen smell" coming from her son’s head. Determined to fight this, she had her son try many shampoos that ranged from the least expensive to the most expensive. "Nothing seemed to work, no matter what the price of the shampoo." Finally, in desperation, she began
researching on the internet what was in shampoo. Much to her surprise, they were all alike. They all contained nothing but soap and water with a lot of perfume added. Armed with this knowledge, she contacted a chemist in Indiana. Together they have formulated a shampoo and conditioner that will combat "teen smell." It is the special use of a deodorizer, mixed with the surfactant that makes this work. Trying to tie in her son’s love of texting, Totally Texty™ was born. "I began reading every teen blog on net speak and came up with the name of the company, and the names of the two shampoos. I hope teens and tweens feel that this product is made just
for them with their interests at the forefront."

Janynne grew up in Southern Illinois. In 1987 she married the man of her dreams and after 12 years, they adopted 2 beautiful boys. She has had a variety of careers. "I’ve been a secretary, a bank teller and an ATM operations specialist, but resigned to raise my children and pursue my cake business." She has been a professional wedding cake decorator for 21 years. "I’ve always been a creative person." One day her friend, Sarah, began to share an idea to fix her sons smelly hair. "I knew just what she was talking about. My son’s head smelled the same way!" We began
researching different hair products and got quite an education. Most of the shampoos were surprisingly similar and some even contained very harmful ingredients. We also realized that there were no hair care products specifically formulated for teens and tweens. "Babies have their shampoo and adults have a whole buffet of shampoo to choose from. What about our boys? We felt we had a real opportunity to help our kids and everyone else’s kids too." Janynne has put her creative side to good use
for this new product. She has conceptualized the graphics and design for Totally Texty™ shampoo and apparel, while assisting Sarah with the formulation and marketing. She is also involved in the website development and maintenance.

"Totally Texty™ shampoo is a terrific product! We have a girl and a boy formula that smells great. It’s unique and fun for all the text messaging teens and tweens out there and it works! Try it for yourself."

Our thoughts:

My kids loved the smells of these products, and they also loved the condition of their hair after using them. So did I! I'm extremely impressed that they are Paraben, Sulfate, DEA/TEA free and they come in recyclable bottles! Two of the things that I am now striving for in products, in one product! Of course, I can also identify with the "teen" smell and I often wondered where it came from. LOL! I'm glad that Totally Texty has gotten rid of those smells!

Win It!

One lucky winner will win their choice: either the set of the girl's shampoo with conditioner or the boy's shampoo!

Required entry: Let me know which one you'd like to win! Girls or Boys.

Fill out the form to enter.

Thanks for entering, and Good luck!

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