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Review and Giveaway: Brain Training System  

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recently, I came aross this site, Brain Training System, and it has been a HUGE help to my daughter, who you all know has ADHD. School days are a constant struggle with homework but since we've been using Brain Training System, the end of the year was MUCH EASIER, and I'm hoping that when school starts up again in a few months, that this will continue.

Brain Training System has videos and resources for anyone who has a child suffering from any of the following conditions:

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Learning Differences
Learning Disabilities
Learning Problems

Here are some resources from the site that may be useful:

ADHD symptoms
Autism Symptoms
Educational Therapy
Educational Therapist
Brain Retraining
Learning Difficulty
Learning Disability
Brain Training
What is Dyslexia
Dyslexia Test
Dyslexia Symptoms

As anyone who has a child with any of these conditions knows, you need all the help and resources you can get! Brain Training is one of those sites. There are videos that you can use as well as a forum where you can talk to other members.

Not only does my daughter have ADHD, but my brother has Dyslexia and when we were growing up, it was hard for him. He is a year older than me, but because of his condition, and the lack of knowledge there was at the time (this was in the 80s), their solution was to hold him back in Kindergarten. (We were in kindergarten together his 2nd time around!) He went on to be held back again in 1st grade, and I passed him and was a grade ahead of him in school. It was hard to explain to people in school! All because there was not the knowledge there is today about most of the Learning Disabilities that there is today! I remember my mom having problems, telling the school he didn't need to be medicated, etc., and they finally did a test to show he had dyslexia. I couldn't imagine going through that!

Now I'm older and I'm the mom of three smart children, one of whom has ADHD. Life is a constant struggle for her. She doesn't make friends easily and if she is not on her medication she has a very hard time at school and at home, because her mind is just going a thousand miles a minute! Homework is a chore for her and so is cleaning her room, among other things! I hope to get her off of the medication soon, especially that I'm learning more about ADHD and alternative therapies.

I'm thankful that we found Brain Training System! We've been using this system for about a month and I've seen a difference. Even though it's summertime, learning never needs to end!

There's another site associated with Brain Training System, and that is There you can find all kinds of resources as well as the video series I mentioned above.

They even have a group on Facebook, which I belong to!

Would you like to win a 3 month membership to this great site? Please tell me who you would use this system for, and fill out the form to enter to win.

Also remember to stop by Moody Mama Says and Everyday Baby Steps for extra entries (those are included on the form).

This giveaway will end on 7/12, along with most of the other giveaways during this party!

Thanks for entering, and Good luck!

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