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Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm sooo frustrated right now!

After recording and re-recording an "Introducing Me" video using the Creative Vado that I won from MomTV, the computer died while I was trying to upload the final video to my pc. I had to restart the pc. So I tried it again. My pc froze again.

At least I still have my Sony PowerShot SD1100 IS that can record videos, so I can vlog using that, but I was really looking forward to using my Vado to vlog with!

I'm sort of a tech junkie so I'm sure I'll figure out and fix the problem. But for now, I'm upset.

Plus I have a headache. And it's 4 am. I've had the Headache ALL DAY.

I'm not sleeping because I napped earlier today after work. I never get enough sleep so I'm always tired.

I didn't schedule any posts for the Summer Soiree past today. I'm debating on doing one now but I'm sort of tired...

Enough about me. How was your week?

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