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Winners: Coupons for Dove Ultimate Deodorant  

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wow... this one is going to take AWHILE to figure out all of the winners. You know my comments are NOT numbered. It's a PIA to figure out a winner! At any rate, picked the following numbers as winners for the Dove Ultimate Coupons giveaway. I went in order from high to low until I had to redraw, which was ALOT, so please know that is why some numbers below say duplicate.

11 - duplicate - Angela h
19 - Katherine, who said "I'm a follower!"
16 - Faerie Mom, who said "AND on FB. Wow."
3 - Shelly who said "subscribe"
43 - Anonymous, who said "I use this deodorant--would like to win."
49 duplicate - micaela6955/Michele P.
24 - duplicate HondaRay
36 - duplicate Naddez
54 - duplicate Karen P

9 - angela h who said "I follow this awesome blog"
53 - Karen P, who said "I would love a coupon for this, thanks."
60 - quelleheure4 who said "I would LOVE to try this out! Dove makes the smoothest, silkiest products!"
48 - micaela6955/Michele P. who said "twitter follower micaela6955"
10 - duplicate - angela h
25 - Dwalline who said "I love Dove deodorant!"
59 - Marie who said "I would love to win!"
68 - Anonymous who said "I love dove products!!! Great coupon to use to save money!!!
28 - Erica Rooks who said "I would LOVE this! Thanks so much!"
7 - StacieinAtlanta who said "I am blog follower!"
23 - hondaray6 who said "I never met a "Dove" I didn't like! Please enter me!"
22 - cpullum who said "I would love to be entered I love that Dove products!"
29 - duplicate Erica Rooks
31 - Naddez who said "I love Dove Ultimate deodorant and hope to win!"
12 - duplicate - Angela H

Redraw for duplicates: (eight)
17: Michelle who said "I would love to try this. Dove is already my preferred brand!"
46: dneese26 who said "Thanks for running the giveaway!"
45: jules who said "Thanks so much!!"
67: Star who said "I love coupons!"
42: Tamara B. who said "I follow."
50: Jay who said "Thank you I hadn't heard of this product before and have used Dove in the past!"
4: Courtney who said "I love Dove! I already use it. :)"
44: momofgandj who said "I would love to try this! Thanks for the chance!"

Shew! That took a LONG time!

Those of you who provided email addresses, I'm emailing you now. There was only 16 of you who provided email addresses, 2 that I already have, so if you see your name here and did not get an email from me, please contact me at pricousins{at}gmail{dot}com. I have a family to tend to and I apologize that I can't email the rest of you right now!

Thanks for entering my giveaway and Congratulations!

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