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Better Homes and Gardens Mini Room Makeover  

Saturday, May 2, 2009

What would I do with $100 for a mini room makeover from Better Homes and Gardens? I'd have to focus on my bedroom, my supposed "sanctuary" that is not looking like one as of late!

First of all, I'd get a nice, light coverlet for my bed. The one I have now is nice but is a winter one from Ikea. Then I'd take down that film that looks like stained glass on my window, and buy some blinds to install.

Last but not least, I'd get some cute curtains and a few accessories so I can cycle out the items that I'm tired of looking at... I've been seeing the same things for so long!

What would you do with $100 for a mini makeover? Which room in your house would you do? Share your story and try to win here!

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