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Back to Work... and Worries  

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First, let me tell YOU how ecstatic I am that I have regular readers! I honestly do thank you from the bottom of my heart. Know why? Deep down, I've always wanted to be a writer. I used to write ALL the time when I was younger and my Twitter profile has mention of writing a book someday.

I have an awesome life story and I hope that if I ever publish it, that it prevents someone from doing some of the things I've done. Now... I don't regret a DAMN thing that I've done, from getting married at 16, to having 3 kids by the age of 22. It's been one Hell of a ride and I wouldn't change it for the world!

Someone left me a comment earlier and she said I was hilarious! I love that! That gives me validation! I've said here before, and I'm sure I'll say it again, here at my blog I share a lot with you because when I go to a blog I don't just want reviews and giveaways (although those are nice!), I was SUBSTANCE. I want to LEARN something, or just LAUGH, and I get that at every single blog I go to. I love reading about our struggles as mothers, our joys as mothers, every single bit of your life, because my ultimate goal here is to make friends. I also like to be heard, so this blog comes in handy!

Remember I was out of work with my kids being sick? (I even got a touch of it! I know you're like, no way! You're kidding?! but no, I'm serious! It only lasted a day or so... maybe three. Who's counting?)

Well I took my daughter back to the doctor yesterday because my son got sick on the 8th or 9th, had it for a day or so, then she got it, and her temp is still up and down. I'm kind of worried about it. I took her into the doctor originally (last week) because Strep was going around the school. Otherwise, I would not have, because LITERALLY the day BEFORE my son got sick, my daughter was in there so we could switch her ADHD medicine back to what she was taking before. But, I had to take her back because you just never know.

Basically, when I took her back yesterday, the doc said temps between 97 and 99 are pretty normal, and to not worry unless it goes over 100. Well this morning it was 95.7. Isn't that odd? I've never seen it so low. They did say that I could take her to get a blood test done if she's not more "normal" in the next couple of days, and gave me an order for that.

She's back in school, but I thought she was better last week and took her to school on Tuesday, and then the school nurse called and said her temp was 100 point something... So I'm a little worried I'll get called out of work to pick her up. It's bad enough I am only working from around 8:30 to 2:30 due to the issue with my son. (I haven't shared too much on that and I really can't until it's squared away, but someday I will.)

For now, I keep asking her how she feels, and keep checking her temperature. And I pray. Because without God I would not be here today!

Well I've got to close this for now! It's 11:19 and I gotta get up at 5:30.


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