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Share It Sunday  

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Sunday to you!

Grab a cup of coffee and get comfortable. You are welcome here anytime! I love having you visit and I NEED you to visit more often! ;-)

I hope that you had a restful weekend, and if not, that you got a lot accomplished!

Me... I just relaxed, did some laundry, enjoyed my children, and ALMOST reached the end of the Blogosphere!(just kidding, obviously!) Tomorrow is the start of Spring Break here and Of course, I have to work... but it is what it is, right?!

At any rate, here's a round up of some giveaways going on around the blogosphere right now. (Want me to post yours here? Just click on the "Submit Your Giveaway tab and I'll post this every Sunday.)

Adrian at Adrian's Crazy Life is giving away a $25 Gift Card to Macy's. It ends next Sunday the 12th.

Confessions of a Mid Life Truckers Wife is giving away a Handmade Coupon Organizer. It ends 4/9 at 10 pm. (not sure which time zone)

The IE Mommy is giving away $60.00 Hair Bow Assortment from Bowtique Unique. The giveaway ends on 4/11.

But I Don't Want to be a Cowboy! is giving away an Adult Tinkerbell shirt, child's Phineas & Ferb shirt. That ends 4/11 also.

On another note, I'd like to highlight Mom It Forward. If you're a SiTSa, you will have seen them highlighted this past Friday here. (If you haven't seen it or you are not a SiTSa yet, be sure to join the group! It's GREAT!) I've been attending Mom It Forward's GNO (Girl's Night Out) Twitter parties since I discovered Twitter back in November. They're doing great things for the global community and I invite you to check out their fundraiser. I have a button on my right sidebar where you can view the details of the fundraiser and another button that you can contribute to the fundraiser. Also, they have a Facebook page and you can join there also. The link directs you to the local one for me. If you need to find another one for your area, just Contact me and I will do my best to help you out!

Have a great week! I'm sure I'll be posting more later on. Tomorrow I've got Comcast coming out, because since the week or so that I've had them, I've lost connectivity sporadically and I'm NOT happy about that AT ALL!

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