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Review: Reusable Bags  

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Recently, I was sent some JoeyTotes to sample. These reusable tote bags are so versatile and each set can be a variation of both Big and Small bags that can fit in one pouch:

1 Big/ 3 Small
2 Big/ 2 Small
2 Big
2 Small

Joey Totes are attractive, durable, high quality bags that can save the use of thousands of disposable bags over its lifetime. When you need to replace them,
they'll even recycle them for you! Joey Totes are made from a material commonly used in outdoor apparel called Ripstop Nylon. Each bag is reinforced with double-folded handles that are tough enough to carry 40 lbs. and will last for years. These bags come looking like this:

And they can fit anywhere:

The best part - they are sturdy and have lots of room!

I must admit, I had one heck of a time trying to get them back together the way I received them! I even emailed the sponsor of this post and they told me that they had even had contests at the office to see who could fit them back they way they came! So, I didn't feel so bad after that! LOL!

These bags would be a great gift for that special someone for Mother's Day! They can be washed by hand, or washed in the Delicate/Gentle cycle, and line dried or hang them to dry. They come in Large (9.5" X 5") and Small (8" X 4") and have a one year limited warranty. See this link for more info on these versatile bags! Then click here to view pricing information.

You can also become a fan of Joey Totes on Facebook!

While you're here, the owners of Joey Totes would like to offer my readers a 10% discount on their purchase. Please use the code "SimpleKindaLife" when ordering to receive this discount.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about this wonderful product, and special thanks going out to for providing me with this review.

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