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Saturday, April 11, 2009

I am a contest fiend. I cannot even lie to you right now. So when I found MomLogic about a year or so ago, I was in heaven. Their site offers news articles, blog posts, and contests. MomLogic (within the past year) opened a community using Ning. It took me a little while to join, but eventually I did. (I think they were giving something away that I really wanted...)

I've gotten more active in the community in the last few months; joined some groups like Beauty Logic, Blogging Mamas, Zip Up Your Jeans!, and Coffee Club. Those are my faves and most active groups. Plus I can post my giveaways there and network with other moms!

If you read my blog often, you know I've blogged about MomLogic at least twice here and here. I love Momlogic and am there daily! Posting, reading, adding friends... it's a great site!

Recently, I've been networking alot and breaking into doing Product Reviews and Hosting giveaways. MomLogic is one of the sites that is helping me to attain one of my goals, by providing the tools contained in this community. This is a small goal on the road to the bigger one: Working from Home.

You see, I've always LOVED writing and used to want to be a Journalist. I even took Journalism in High School. I love meeting new people but I don't get out enough, not with working full time and being a single parent! I also love Technology. (I aspire to have a MCSE within the next couple of years.) As someone who had children early, when most of my friends were going to school and partying, I didn't have anyone to turn to for parenting advice. MomLogic provides that, even though my children are older, I am still learning. We all are. Life is a learning process, we all know that. So, this is one of my go-to sites.

There's a contest going on there that I'd love to win and I would need your assistance. If you like my reading and you love MomLogic, please go to my page on MomLogic and nominate me. That's all you have to say, "I nominate you!" in my comments. That's it!

Click here: My Page to nominate me! Thanks!

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