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For You Papercrafters Out There  

Friday, April 17, 2009

Way back in February, I answered a blog post on a Papercrafter's blog that I frequent, The Paper Garden. The author, Debbie, had 65,000 hits, and to celebrate, was going to giveaway a handmade gift to the first 5 commenters that posted the same thing on their blog. Well, I posted but no one took the bait. (??? Who doesn't love handmade?! On the other hand, maybe I didn't have the traffic that I'm having now and gradually increasing?)

I got my handmade gift from her yesterday and I'm so excited to show you what she sent me!

BASIC GREY CLEAR STAMPS and a gorgeous Handmade purse!

Basic Grey is most coveted after line, but I can never afford it. So I was thrilled to get this!

The purse is held close with velcro, which is so ingenius and easy:

Here's the different colored papers contained in the book:

She even stitched the papers into the purse! I hope you can see that in the photo below!

Thanks, Debbie! I love it!!!

Stop by check out Debbie's Paper Garden!

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