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Fishful Thinking  

Monday, April 6, 2009

I've done it! I've signed up for Fishful Thinking! You've heard of Fishful Thinking, right? Everybody's doing it!

Here's some background on Fishful Thinking:

Pepperidge Farm has been committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle
for over forty years by offering parents wholesome snacks made with
no artificial preservatives. The Goldfish® brand partnered with Positive
Psychology leader, Dr. Karen Reivich, to create Fishful Thinking: a
program for parents that helps them to raise kids who are optimistic
and can confidently tackle life’s challenges.
With Fishful Thinking, parents can:
• talk with kids about how to deal with the ups and downs of life
• teach effective problem-solving techniques to help kids grow with
a feeling of competence
• help kids develop an optimistic attitude that allows them to move
past setbacks and obstacles
• help kids to develop their confidence and reach their full potential
• empower themselves to develop positive communication with
their children and practice the skills with their kids using fun,
easy activities
• connect with other parents to find solutions that help develop
happier, healthier, more resilient children

Read more here!

Fishful ThinkingSM is comprised of five key points:
Optimism: Focusing on the positive things in life.
Emotional Awareness: Expressing and controlling your feelings.
Goal Setting/ Hope: Finding ways to achieve your goals.
Resilience: Coping with life’s ups and downs.
Empowerment: Identifying and using your strengths and skills.

There are a bunch of activities you and your children can do on the site as well as a quiz that you can take to find out how resilient your child is!

This is a great site that fosters a positive outlook on life and will also strengthen your relationship with your children! I'm going to get my son to explore the site with me very shortly!

I urge you to stop by Fishful Thinking and jump right in to the activities!

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