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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The photos on my page are HUGE! I know...
I didn't resize the photo for WW (Wordless Wednesday) prior to posting because I was in a hurry!

Also - if you're not using the newest version of Internet Explorer, my blog may not display correctly to you. In IE 6 (which I use at work), the posts are BELOW my left sidebar and my right sidebar is wwwaaayyyy down there somewhere!

I use Mozilla at home so I'm not having any problems. You might want to try that browser instead.

I just put up my Entrecard. I'm not too familiar with it but I guess you can "drop" your info on mine or something like that.

It's late, I've had a long day (just came in about an hour ago from CVS, and a local grocery store) - I'll share my savings with you soon because I got hooked up!

Have a good night!

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