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$400 Prize!  

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do you see that?!


How about now?


How about now?

Remember a week or so ago, I posted about Joining the Momlogic Community? I mentioned there's tons of perks? Well, I also mentioned a HUGE giveaway they were doing the next day. Well, I was one of 10 Grand Prize winners and the photos you see above are of my prize, a $400 A. Jaffe Diamond Necklace!

It's gorgeous! And that isn't all that I've gotten from that site. I have a post that will go up soon showing all of my recent winnings and the rest of the Momlogic goodies will be listed there!

If you haven't joined yet, go join! And, please please please use me as a referrer! (Obv, there are perks to referring people!)

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