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I Don't Want to Miss... a PSA Contest!  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My son is going to turn 13 this year, and my oldest "baby" will be 15 this year, so this post hits close to home! And I just HAVE to share it with you!

Plus, a teen here in the Baltimore Metro area just died last week from the flu, and it's pretty much unheard of anymore, but you never know! Prevention is key!!!

No teen wants to miss out on all of the fun - from a friend's Sweet 16 party to a big home football game - because of being sick at home with the flu. That's why singer/songwriter and former American Idol finalist Brooke White has teamed up with infectious disease specialist and author of Germ Proof Your Kids, Dr. Harley Rotbart, and The Clorox Company to launch I Don't Want to Miss..., a national contest that puts teens in the spotlight to talk about flu education and prevention.

The heart of the program is a PSA contest in which teens can submit a short 45-60 second video entry to, sharing what they most don't want to miss out on and why that makes flu prevention important. What a fun, creative challenge for our teens and their friends!

For the first time this year, the CDC expanded flu vaccination guidelines to include all children six months through 18 years old. However, a new national survey shows that only 16% of parents with teens are aware of this new recommendation.

The winning contestant will win an acoustic concert from former American Idol finalist Brooke White at his/her school! The second place winner will receive a guitar autographed by Brooke White herself and three runners-up will win autographed photos.

Here's the fine print on the contest:
I Don't Want to Miss... PSA Contest wants to help you learn about flu education and prevention and make you a winner! All you need to do is follow some simple rules and create a 45-60 second video PSA. Just relate the video to cold and flu education and prevention and why it is important (so you do not miss out on cool stuff like the prom, the big game, or this year's the battle of the bands).

Big Prizes For Big Winners:

One first place winner will have singer/songwriter and former American Idol finalist, Brooke White, perform an acoustic concert at their school! Other prizes include a guitar autographed by Brooke White, autographed photos and national recognition on SchoolTube's homepage.

Video PSA details:

PSA must be 45-60 seconds long

Upload between Feb. 4, 2009 and end Mar 11, 2009 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Remember to keep video relevant to the I Don't Want to Miss... theme

Don't forget to connect the importance of healthy habits to not missing exciting moments

To Enter:

If you are not already registered on, go ahead and sign's free. (Make sure you and anyone else in the video has parental permission to enter this contest.)

Make sure to upload to the I Don't Want to Miss... subcategory under PE & Health. If it is not uploaded there, we will not know you entered a submission.

See the important links on the site for full contest guidelines and specifics, SchoolTube's Terms and Conditions, and full rules and terms and conditions.


Top five finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges based on the following criteria:

PSA is between 45-60 seconds

Video includes what school functions or extracurricular activities teens don’t want to miss because of a cold or flu and why that makes prevention important

Creatively linking the importance of cold and flu prevention and what teens don’t want to miss

Overall humor of the entry

First Place winner will be chosen out of the top five
by an open voting process on

Rating a video 1-5 counts as one vote for this contest.

The video with the most ratings will be selected as the First Place winner.

Open voting for the winning video begins on March 20, 2009 and ends on April 10,

By entering the I Don't Want to Miss... PSA Contest, you agree to SchoolTube's Terms and Conditions
as well as the full rules and Terms and Conditions.

Thanks to

for sharing this very important subject with me!

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