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Beauty Products  

Sunday, March 8, 2009

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will notice that my interests are very diverse. From technology (I aspire to obtain an MCSE soon), to music, to makeup, I love it all.

I hunger for knowledge.

It's a good thing to do, too. Knowledge keeps you sharp and makes you more interesting. Why limit yourself to just a few interests? And be diverse, there is sooo much out there to learn about.

One of my favorite things is beauty products. Mascara. Lip gloss. Tinted moisturizer. I love it all.

I recently bought Cover Girl's newest mascara, Lash Blast (you know the thick orange bottle with the fat brush?). I am very impressed! Lash Blast covers and fattens each of my skimpy eyelashes, and since I know how to apply it, I swear they look 5 times fatter. No lie! And I always buy the Very Black in any mascara I buy, the key is how to apply it for different occasions.

Don't be fooled by my roots on my head: I am a natural blonde. (Don't you know that all blondes get darker as they get older?) I don't ever want to be a brunette, so I color my hair - sometimes from the box, but more recently I go to the salon.

For this reason, my lashes are very light, and the tips are almost nonexistant. My lower lashes? Forget about it! They're not even visible.

Guess what my biggest problem is? Everytime I find a new mascara, another one comes out & I just have to have it too!.

The next two mascaras I want to try:
1 - Maybelline Lash Stilletto
2 - the L'Oreal one that puts the "tips" on your eyelashes (I can't remember the name)

Another product I recently tried and love? Nivea - A Kiss of Shine.

Here's why:

1 - Within the past week, I read an article that said that research showed the Lip Gloss can't actually attract UV rays! That's no good!

2 - Nivea Kiss of Shine provides a brilliant, glossy shine that is not sticky, and moisturizes your lips for a long time.

I've been a big fan of Burt's Bees lip balm for about 6 years, and A Kiss Of Shine is now my go-to lip balm. And it's cuter!

*In my "past life" (6 years ago), I sold AVON and was a Certified Beauty Advisor through their program. I can tell when someone is not wearing "their colors" by looking at a photo. I have dreamt of starting a business so I can turn this passion into a lucrative venture.*

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