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50 Things I Like About Myself  

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fifty Things I Like About Myself

1. I am smart.

2. I’m tech savvy.

3. I have a pretty cool sense of humor.

4. I won't lie, even if it might hurt you.

5. I'm 100% original.

6. I'm a young mom, so when most of my friends are still raising kids, I'll be travelling the world.

7. I'm eloquent.

8. I have a handfull of good friends that I can always count on, but I know TONS of people across the country.

9. I love the 90s - especially the R&B.

10. I always stand up for what I believe in.

11. I've gotten stronger through all of my life's experiences.

12. I love deeply and without abandon.

13. I strive to learn something new every day.

14. I have 3 of the most beautiful, smartest kids on this earth.

15. I was adopted, so my Family is HUGE.

16. I love technology.

17. I love to papercraft.

18. I'm resourceful.

19. I'm a great friend.

20. I am happy in my own skin.

21. I can't stand fake people.

22. And you will know if I don't like you.

23. I love to read.

24. I love R&B and Hip Hop music.

25. I curse a lil too much.

26. I'm driven.

27. I work hard.

28. I know where I want to be.

29. I only hope my kids learn from my mistakes.

30. If not, I'll still be there to pick them up when they fall.

31. I love makeup! the colors... ah...

32. I don't clean like I used to.

33. And I hate doing dishes.

34. I'm not always the best judge of character.

35. But soon enough, I figure it out.

36. I love my blue eyes.

37. (and my chest.)

38. I don't like the wave that crept into my hair after my 3rd child came.

39. I love playing The Sims (yup the PC game).

40. I have so many goals you'd be amazed.

41. I am an HGTV freak.

42. I make the BEST Iced Tea.

43. I'm proud of myself.

44. I may be a little quirky.

45. But I wouldn't have it any other way.

46. I am able to stand on my own two feet.

47. and I love it that way.

48. I'm a Christian.

49. and He is the reason for everything.

50. I love me.

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