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UGH.... I hate Mondays!  

Monday, February 9, 2009

I work full time so it was back to the grind for me today. I'm yawning and ready for sleep!

I work 10 hours a day, and travel about 1 hour each day total, and come home to a mouthy 12 year old son and a 9 year old daughter with ADHD. Wow! My son had me so mad earlier - I was sure THE LOOK was going to burn a hole through him. He's slacking in school (when he's above-average on test scores), getting mouthier, and I am almost at the end of my rope with him.

I'll ground him for life if I have to! No, seriously, that wasn't working so I tried a daily thing/weekly thing and let him hang with his friends depending on behavior. Apparently he doesn't appreciate that, so he's grounded again.

Got any advice?

Ahhh... the life of a single mother.

Woe is me....


Have a good one!

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1 comments: to “ UGH.... I hate Mondays!

  • MissMelissa
    February 11, 2009 at 11:09 AM  

    Hey Angie :)

    I feel your pain hon. My oldest (10 yr old) has ADHD and has had some issues in school as well. I went and talked to his teacher and the principal about having an IEP put in place for him so he can get more one on one to keep him on task and help him with whatever he's struggling with. maybe that'd be the route to go? I also set up a reward system with my son. If he does what he's supposed to do, participates in class, doesn't give his teachers any grief and does his homework, at the end of 2 weeks or a month (depending on how expensive his taste is at the time) I'll get him something he really wants. It seems to be working thus far,. Hopefully it continues haha Good luck :)

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