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Random Ramblings  

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Good Sunday morning to you! If you have stumbled on my blog, scroll down to see my two kid-geared giveaways!

I blogged a lot yesterday! I had to use a friend's computer to do so, but she was accomodating and I got a lot done! I even uploaded some photos to my flickr stream!

I had one more post that I wanted to do but I had used her computer for about 3 maybe 4, hours, so I had to get my dd and myself home to meet up with my son and his friend for a sleepover.

Now they're all three downstairs (the two boys just got back from a bike ride) and it's mostly quiet. I can't believe it! (I am sure that will change quickly! And it has... I spoke too soon!)

I have nothing on my agenda today but laundry, clipping and organizing coupons, and preparing for my work week beginning tomorrow.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. Matter of fact, if any of you are "regular" readers of my blog, you might have read about the trials I was going through in December. God has blessed my family (as ALWAYS!) and things are getting better for us. My financial situation has improved dramatically, I am making more money at work due to joining the Union, and I managed to get rid of that high insurance I was paying for. Right now I am waiting for word to see if I have been approved for my 2 children here to get State Medical Assistance (yes, I am a single mother and I qualify), so that I only have to pay for myself and my daughter who lives with her dad's family.

My car went into the shop yesterday to get the remainder of the important work done to it. This time it was to repair the front left wheel bearing. In November and December I put about $900 of work into the car that *had* to be done prior to us getting snow and ice. My front tires were bald and in desperate need of replacing, and I had to replace part of my exhaust system. Those repairs are out of the way and my car is riding so well, I almost don't know how to act!

I have also started clipping coupons and utilizing the blogs that show you how to get deals (and sometimes make money!) at CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreen's. I have posted some of my savings, and thanked the sites that I have been using in earlier posts. Be sure to check them out!

So I figured since I am trying to be more involved in this community, I need to post every day. Most days won't be long like today, since I work from 630 am to 5 pm, and when I get home there are more things to do with the children, but at least for this post, let me tell ya a little more about me.

I am an adult adoptee. I was adopted at 2.5, I found my birth mom at the age of 22, but unfortunately, she passed away almost two years ago, before I was able to meet her in person. I am a single mom to 3 children, I work full time, and I love technology, social media, music, and papercrafting. (If you come here for papercrafting, bear with me! I plan on posting more of my creations soon!)
My 9 yr old dd has ADHD and I am trying to learn more about the condition and how to parent her better.

That's all for me now - I gotta get some laundry started!


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1 comments: to “ Random Ramblings

  • MissMelissa
    February 11, 2009 at 11:15 AM  

    As I am also a single mom (4 kiddos here) I can relate to the daily and sometimes minute to minute frustrations. My oldest son also has ADHD and it has been quite trying at times for us as well. We've dealt with everything from lying to back talking to falling behind in school, etc. It can be difficult at times but it will get better. email me or send me an IM anytime :)

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