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Lucky Magazine Winning!  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I received an email about two weeks ago that I won a December contest from Lucky Magazine and I want to share my prizes with you!

Retail value: $120

Product: Big Buddha Denise Bag and Jackson wallet from the Fall 2008 collection that you can view here

The bag is HUGE & the wallet is so cute & tiny!

This is the purse I was using!:

(see the difference in sizes?!)

And the wallet I was using: (which was STUFFED to the brim!)

And I had ALL of this in my purse:

Here's the inside of the new purse and the layout of the new wallet:

So now I have this HUGE bag, I can neatly fit all of my items in my purse, even items you don't see in the photo of stuff that was in my old purse, like my makeup bag (I LOVE makeup!!!), my Digital camera, and my GPS unit, in the box, if I want to carry it, that is!

I started entering contests in November of 2007, and this is my first time winning from Lucky, but believe me, perseverance pays off!

So head over there and see what they're offering up this month:
Click here!

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1 comments: to “ Lucky Magazine Winning!

  • Anonymous
    February 13, 2009 at 8:57 PM  

    Doesn't it feel so nice to have a new purse? I just got a new one also and I can carry my camera too! I love it!

    Geez. You have been so lucky and I am so happy for that! I hope the kids and you are well.

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