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Family Game Night  

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did you ever have a Family Game Night when you were growing up? We did, and I loved those days and they are some of my dearest memories. I still love to play games and have a Family Game Night with my children (Fridays). We love Monopoly, Life, Sorry!, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, and Uno. But I'm a fan of all board games, and I even love Chess!

Tonight on Twitter there is a Site Warming Party (learn more about those Here!) for Time To Play, Hosted by the Resourceful Mommy. Be sure to stop by THIS LINK to RSVP and to check out the prizes!

Check out Time to Play here.

Details for the party:

The party starts at 9 pm EST and ends at 10 pm EST but some partygoers may stick around longer.
Use TweetDeck, TweetGrid, or TweetChat to more effectively follow the party. Use the hashtag #timetoplay so others can see your tweets.
Main thing - Make sure you are following @ResourcefulMom, as she will be announcing door prizes & you have to be quick!

See you there!

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