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Can I please get some feedback?  

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Honestly... I don't get it. I leave comments on other people's blogs numerous times during the week. And since I'm doing this from my mobile phone, it takes a LONG time. I barely get any comments, but I know people are looking at my blog. Why is this?

Do I bore you? Are you not entertained? Is my blog not pretty enough for you? Are my blue eyes not piercing enough? (just kidding!)

There are many helpful people out there in the Blogosphere. I'm new to this game - I know that - but I'm cool, I promise, and I have TONS of information in this pretty blonde head. (It's not just here for your amusement! LOL)

I've had a few women help me out with some suggestions and I'm indebted. I think it's great that we can nurture and support each other.

Isn't that what this "game" is about - reciprocating the love? Isn't that what we're taught: in order to get more people to visit your blog, leave comments, SHOW LOVE?
I know I've read that at least 3 times in the past week.

I just want to be able to spend more time with my children. That's why you're seeing me everywhere. Plus I want to be famous! (Is that too much to ask?)

Provide some input, please....

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