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My Shopping Finds for this week  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Inspired by all of the great blogs out there that highlight sales, I have decided to post the sales that I will be taking advantage of this week.

Klein's Grocery Store (local):
American chesse (deli): $4.99
International Delight coffee creamer: 3/$4
40% off boneless roast
Mott's applesauce: 10/$10

I figured I can get away with spending $20 there.

Weis: (local grocery store)
Dozen large eggs: $1.29
Swiffer Wet or Sweeper refills: 2/$7 (I need the wet. I really wish I had a coupon for this but since I don't have a mop right now, I need to utilize this!)
Here I will also pick up a box of Kashi TLC new fresh baked cereal bars - free with coupon

Rite Aid:
Oral-B Pulsar toothbrush: $2.99 - $1 Rite Aid coupon - total: $1.99
Skintimate shave gel: $2.49 - $1.50 Rite Aid coupon - total: 99 cents

Land O'Lakes butter - Buy one, get one free. Here I will use my $1 off coupons and I will try to use two of them. *anyone know if that will work? Please comment & let me know!*
Poultry - 50% off
Old Orchard Juice - $1.69 minus $1 off 2 coupon - buy 2 for $3.38, pay $2.38 total for 2
Here I will use my second free coupon for the Kashi cereals bars (which are scrumptious, btw! Have you tried them?! I got a free sample! Yum!)
Chips Ahoy cookies - 2/$5
Generic bleach - 99 cents
Bounce dryer sheets - 100-140 ct - $5.99 with 20 cents off coupon. Doubled.
Including the chicken I think I can out of only spending $30

* I have $5 ECB from going there tonight that I will utilize tomorrow for the items below:
100 ct + bonus Excedrin - $8.99 - get 3 ECB - like paying $5.99
Kotex with bonus - $4.99 - get $2 ECB - minus 50 cents off coupon - like paying $2.49
Here I will use my coupon for a free Crest Weekly Clean toothpaste

*I also have $5 RR here from taking advantage of their 5/$15 Pepsi product 12 packs. I was also able to use 2 attched coupons for $1 off 2 12-packs, like payin $13/5 But I also received $5 RR - total for 5 12-packs, $8!! Plus I get to use the Pepsi mail-in rebate that is floating around the internet...
Windex wipes - $3.79 BOGO - minus mail-in rebate - FREE!
Aquafresh toothpaste - $2.99 - $2 Walgreen's coupon - total: 99 cents
Basic paper towel roll - 89 cents with Walgreen's coupon
Kleenex - 89 cents with Walgreen's coupon minus 25 cents off coupon - total 64 cents!
Halls cough drops - 99 cents with Walgreen's coupon
Campbell's cream soups - 89 cents with Walgreens coupon, limit 3 - buy 2 and use 40 cents off coupon - total $1.29
Campbell's Select Harvest Soup - 4/$5 - I have 2 save 50 cents off of 2 - 4/$4.

So what do you think? I am learning from my twitter friends and

Thanks all you frugal moms out there who teach us how to save (and in some cases, MAKE!) money!


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