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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I thought I would take some time to post about my ch-ch-ch-ch-changes since we have some crazy ice and snow going on here in Maryland (more ice now than snow!)
I am not heading into work until the sun comes up, at the very least. They say it won't get above 32 til noon or so but we'll see. I really need to go into work. But I am also needed by my two children.

Back to the subject at hand...

I have decided to be more proactive and stop hating how I look, and start nourishing my body properly, to lose the weight that I have put on since having my gallbladder removed almost a year ago.

It's hard to believe that this time last year, I was in A LOT of pain dealing with some HUGE gallstones. I was taking painkillers like crazy at this time last year. I couldn't eat anything that I loved. I got sick regularly (a little graphic here people) with GREEN stuff coming out of me. I don't know how much weight I lost since I don't own a scale (not one that works anyway), but at one point I was in a size 12 jean. A size 12 is perfect for my big-boned, 5'8" body. I felt great (and I am sure I looked it too!)

Now I am a size 18. For the first time in my life!! Through three children and many ups and downs in my personal life, I have remained a size 14, and I was okay with that. I have never been an active person, more of a lazy person, but I didn't drive until I was 22 so that did aid me in keeping my weight down, somewhat.

I have not been one for breakfast for years, thinking not eating would help me lose weight, even though I KNOW that that is the worst thing you could do! I think, now that I know what anorexia is, that I am anorexic. If you know anything about anorexia, you should know that it's not just the skinny girls who have this disease.

Since I have been shopping more frugally and using coupons and hunting down the deals for the past few weeks, I have bought quite a few things that I should be eating:

FiberOne bars - I have a bunch of a $1 off one box coupons, so on my recent trip to Safeway over the past weekend, I bought three boxes. YUM! They are good! And they pack 35% of the RDA of the fiber you need.

YoPlait Yo+ yogurt - the Vanilla is soooo yummy! And it's packed with Vitamins A & D, fiber, and aids in digestion. In my opinion, it's much better than Activia!

Kashi Soft Baked Cereal Bars - I had gotten a sample from VocalPoint with a free box coupon, as well as another one from somewhere else. I used my last one on the Safeway trip and purchased the Apple flavor. (Previously I had gotten the Strawberry kind.) To be honest, the Apple kind is very dry compared to the Strawberry ones, but that doesn't mean that all of them are dry. I will be purchasing more Apple, to see if it's just that flavor.

Bananas - Safeway had 2 lbs. For 88 cents.

White grapes - at 99 cents a lb, I couldn't pass this deal up.

FiberOne Caramel cereal - very tasty!

2% Lowfat milk - I have never bought any milk other than whole milk, but suprisingly, this milk tasted the same to me. I do love Soy Milk also, but it's quite pricey!

Since Friday last week, I have been eating better. I REFUSE to use the "D" word - here, it's a bad word. It makes you feel like you're punished! Eating healthy is a lifestyle, not a burden! So I will Not Use that word!!

Here's a peek into my meals since last Friday:

Breakfast: 1 c. FiberOne cereal, 1/2 c. Lowfat milk, 1 c. Fruit (canned or fresh). On Sunday I made scrambled eggs with 2% milkfat shredded cheese, and I consumed 1 cup of that. 8 oz. Of Apple Raspberry cocktail juice. Coffee... this may be my downfall.

Since I work during the week, and I have to be there no later than 630 am, I get in early (between 6 & 615 am) and I eat there. This is what I eat: 1 FiberOne chewy bar, 1 YoPlait Yo+ yogurt, and a banana. About 10 am I eat either a Kashi Soft baked cereal bar or another FiberOne bar.

Lunch: 1 c. Soup (currently, Campbell's healthy something or other), 1 c. Fruit, a FiberOne chewy bar, and a glass of water. Oh yeah, add in one Polly-O mozzarella cheese stick.

Dinner is pretty open but I still try to watch my fat intake and calorie content. I did make Chicken Marsala last night (from the NEW Romano's Macaroni Grill boxed meals that you can find in your local grocery store), and I added some broccoli to my plate - which was more than my entree. I LOVE broccoli, but mostly, I love veggies!

I admit, my body is in shock. My stomach is growling as I write this. But that's okay. As my stomach continues to shrink, it will get easier. Sometimes I gorge too much!

Soon I will get some breakfast. I've already started my coffee... had to!

I am debating getting some SlimQuick. If any of you have any experience with it, please share!

If you are also embarking for a healthier you, post a comment or send me an email (in my profile) and maybe we can encourage each other!

if you are on a journey to a healthier you, BE STRONG!!! It is worth it!

I hope to be back in a size 14 by summer. Not only by my menu choices, but also with my Bally's gear I have here from when I sold AVON a few years back. They've been collecting dust far too long! As the weather gets warmer, I will walk & do what I have to do to shed those pounds. I just can't afford a gym!

Have a great "Hump" day!

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1 comments: to “ Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes!

  • Anonymous
    January 28, 2009 at 3:45 PM  

    You go Angela! Although weight is not a concern of mine, exercise is. You know how some people can be "skinnyfat"? I really need muscle definition. You would think as busy as were are, as much as we move, that we'd be slim and trim.

    I'm adding you to my blogroll so I don't lose you again!

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