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Update on Finances  

Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm back! That was fast, I know!!!

A few of you read my venting post that I posted on Dec. 4th and you encouraged me, and sympathized with me. I know that life is hard for most people right now, unless you are the CEO of a company, or a member of the Government, the rest of us are having a hard time...

Well the Christmas season is Not about money or spending it. It is about Jesus & HIS gift to the world... everlasting life. My children know this and they understand (I think) but we live in a pretty affluent area, so their friends all have things that they do not.

I grew up pretty nicely- my parents weren't rich, but I guess they were responsible because we had a nice house, and everything we needed, some things we WANTED, and we were only a one-income family.

Anyway, I mentioned how I wouldn't be able to get any gifts (personally) for my kids but I know resources in my area, so I utilize them. I signed up for gifts from a local agency, and I pick them up tomorrow.

I was able to get a few things for my children, due to belonging to Think Big with HP: they "pay" members in gift cards and I saved a few up to get my kids a few things. Hopefully they arrive today!

At work I am a secretary for a rather small Telecommunications company based in Chesapeake, Va. They do government contracts, so I work on Aberdeen Proving Ground here in MD. I support 42 men and 2 women. They are an eclectic bunch but I love them all in their own way.

Yesterday was our work Christmas "party" and I organized that, as well as a collection for our boss. We presented him with a handmade card (yay!!! Love handmade!!) with $250 in AMEX GC's, and $30 - the cash came from late donaters! Hehe...

Little did I know that the guys were organizing their own collection - for ME!! So they gave me $120, which I immediately deposited into the bank and went to to look at the prices of their outerwear, because my son has no coat, only jackets. I found him a nice coat for $29.99, and while I was there I figured I'd spend $50 to get free shipping, so I looked for one for Baby Girl - found one for her for $24.99!!! So I am happy about that.

My parents sent us some GC's too - $50 for Walmart for both of the kids, and $50 to Giant grocery store for me. Much needed & appreciated!!!

Tomorrow I pick up the gifts that were donated to us - hopefully Christmas will be good! No clue who we'll spend it with but as long as we are with loved ones, it will be a good one!

Have a great day!!


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