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Sick Children, Migraine, & Christmas Preparations!  

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Thanks for reading my blog!
I hope that God is continuing to bless you & your family, as he is doing to mine!

What a weekend I have had!! WOW!!!

First of all, I work at my real job from 630 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday and this gives me every Friday off, which is very nice, especially to get some 'me' time! So this past Friday I was enjoying my day off to myself, I ran to Rite Aid (you may have read my post about that trip the other day), in the rain grr!!, and about 10-15 minutes after I got back in, the school that my youngest daughter goes to called & said that she had a 99.7 degree fever, could I please pick her up? So I did... even though they usually call when it gets over 100, but whatever, right? I mean, I was watching The Young & The Restless, but Baby Girl is more important. She wasn't whiny or fussy, so that was good; I made her some chicken noodle and made sure she kept fluids in her, and she played nicely in the living room and helped me get our Christmas cards together so I could mail them out that day.

My son came home from middle school & wanted to go to a friend's house in another town so I took him later that evening. I spoke to him on the phone the next day, Saturday, and the poor guy was stuffed up - he was sick too! He stayed there all weekend & even went to his biological father's house - who gave him $50!! But hasn't paid me support in exactly a month?! (Another Wtf Moment!!)... anyway... I will leave that alone for now...

I had a headache all week - I usually keep a headache (which is VERY frustrating!) but on Saturday it kept coming back... then this morning it was bad! I stayed in bed & slept off & on all day (luckily Baby Girl was playing nicely again), trying to get rid of my headache, but by 6-7 pm, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to go pick up my son anyway so I called him & told him I was on the way down & that I had a Major Migrained & would not be stopping in, so I would call him when I arrived & to be ready. On the way there I had to stop and get some headache medicine, so I stopped at the closest store, the local Giant grocery store, and luckily, their store brand migraine medicine was on sale from $6.49 to $3.99 for 100. I took 4 in the car & proceeded on my way. The trip is about 25 minutes depending on traffic and since I knew that I wouldn't be able to deal with a lot of lights, I went back roads to avoid traffic. Luckily by the time I was almost home my headache was finally gone, so I stopped back at Giant and picked up our holiday ham (on sale for $1.49/lb), some Clementines (on sale for $3.99), soda (on sale for 4/$10 - we got 2), snack for Baby girl for school snack time, drink boxes for Baby girl's holiday party on Tuesday, and a few other things. Luckily I was able to buy those items since my mom sent us gift cards for Christmas - my gift was a $50 GC to Giant, which is almost gone now.

Since both of my kids are sick tomorrow I may not be able to work tomorrow. I will be waking them up when my alarm goes off to check temperatures and see how they feel, and then make my decision from there. My son hopes he is not worse - he is striving for perfect attendance this year. He is my one child who doesn't get sick that much & he barely ever misses school; Baby Girl is the one who gets sick A LOT - I always wonder if the ADHD has anything to do with that... anyone know??

I was planning to take off Tuesday so I can start my holiday baking. I already requested off Wednesday, but I want Tuesday off now also! It will be slow at work but if I miss tomorrow I will have to go in on Tuesday for timesheet submissions. Then I will be off from Wednesday until next Monday. Nice break - but Tuesday through Monday would be an even nicer break!

I will be back tomorrow to post an update on our Christmas - God is good!!! I was going to update now but this post is already long enough!! Plus the news is on since the Giants won the game FINALLY! And I have to check the weather for tomorrow... no snow here like Most of the rest of the country but it's windy and cold with a wind advisory with gusts expected up to 45 mph up until tomorrow at 6 pm. Happy Winter Solstice to all of you!


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