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Another HP Magic Giveaway Entry!  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I want (NEED!!!!) to win this package soooo bad that I am entering MOST of the blogs hosting the HP Magic Giveaway!
So far, I've entered 8 and this post will be for my 9th entry and tomorrow (since it's 2 am Saturday night!) I will email another entry (#10).

So you can see how bad I want (NEED!!!) this!

First thank you to all the bloggers, and the sponsors of the giveaway! This post in particular is for Techie Diva's blog - found here:

I would love to win this for these reasons:
Back in Feb. 2008, I had a leak from my bathroom that leaked through the ceiling right onto my custom-built pc, ruining my 8-in-1 drive that houses USB ports, and various media card readers. Not until recently did I know that it also harmed my power supply, making my pc virtually pointless to have.
I'm a single mom and can't afford to have it fixed right now.
So, since I have children, and my 7th grade son constantly needs to use a pc to type papers, do research, or write reports, I always have to take him to the library or to friends' houses to use the pc. This is getting to be very time consuming & frustrating.
I am also a computer junkie. I love gadgets. I could replace the power supply myself but again is the money issue...
So to get my internet fix outside of work, which blocks all social networking, to include blogs, I have to use my Sidekick cell phone, which causes cramping & continuous battery charging!

If I were to win this package I would share it with the following people/organizations:
1 - my sister-in-law and brother, whose pc was stolen a couple of months ago. They had never backed up their pc so they lost tons of photos of their daughters and MP3s.

2 - about 10 years ago I was in a tight spot & had to go live at a battered women's shelter for about a year. I will give back by sharing part of this package with them.

I really hope to win one of these packages!!! I'm praying!!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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