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Happy November!  

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello there! I miss blogging! I hate that blogs are blocked at work! I hate that my pc is inoperational at home! I hate not being able to upload pics of my creations through my cell phone to my blog!

On another note... Hope you and your family had a great Halloween! I am really not a Halloween person, partially due to being raised a Catholic, but more recently, growing more in my Christian faith. I do allow my children to play along, but I don't like to dress up for this "holiday", except for one time (and that was because I had to - Halloween-themed birthday party!), and even though I am a papercrafter, I typically don't make Halloween cards. I did this year, though. (Scroll down for that post...) I mailed a card to my nieces in Kent, WA, a card to my nephews in Tacoma, WA, mailed one to my boyfriend's mom here in Maryland, and I made one for each of my children here at home (and forgot to give them to them!!!!! Just realized that!!!! OOPS!!! Will leave them for them in the am before I head out to work!).

This year, since we are attending church again (Mountain Christian church for any of you who are local), we decided to go to the Trunk or Treat event they held there. My son, Sebastian, who is 12, went to a friend's house, so just my 9 year old daughter and I went. It was a nice time! They had free hot dogs and bottled water for everyone, some music, and 5 rows of vehicles with their trunks decorated. Some were really cool!!!

Yesterday (Saturday), my boyfriend and I FINALLY went to Six Flags (America, for you non-locals who may not know our Six Flags here), and had a good time there. It was about time that we went, too, because I had bought those tickets back in July (I think), and hadn't used them. If I didn't use them by today, it would have been a waste of money, so I made sure that we used them! it is 1041 at night and I just got done folding some laundry. I need to get some sleep so I am going to sign off for now...

If anyone reads this, good night...


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