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Some more cards for ya!  

Monday, October 20, 2008

here ya go...
I don't have time for recipes right now. Sorry! I'm at work and I'm "supposed" to be working on "not" on here!!! hehe....

Sorry this one is so small... it was a friend of mine's birthday card a couple of weeks ago....OOPS!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MFT stamps! this is my ONLY Christmas card I've made so far this year! ACKKK!!!! (But I did participate in a swap last year so I'm "technically" good to go!

I love the white pigment ink but not the results! anyone have any tips????

Oooh my bad... I made 2 Christmas cards this year! I love this set; it's sooo cute!

Someone will get this for Thanksgiving, not sure who!

I sent this one to my sister-in-law just to say HI!

I sent this to my sister to say hi!

This was for another friend's birthday, earlier this month... I LOVE this card! it's sooo pretty!!!

This is my Causeabella for Breast Cancer Awareness month. I LOVE HER! But then.... I love all Bellas!!!!

Thanks for stopping by! hope you enjoyed... soon I'll have my pc up and running at home and more blogging & better quality of pics! promise!!!!

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