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All play and no work!!!  

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It's Day 2 of the Bloggy Giveaway, and I must admit, I haven't been motivated AT ALL to do any work!!! this is getting bad...
I'm so used to surfing the net most of the day or making myself look busy that I'm just not feeling this project I'm supposed to be doing... YUCK! then the guy who is working on cleaning up this database with me, keeps coming by here, and I have a bit of an attitude, so I'm like, 'Go away! I DO NOT work for you!' but I'm trying to be nice! Wow...
All this is stemming from last week... I didn't get to peruse AT ALL last week so I spent most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, signing up for sweeps that I had missed!
If you all only knew how many samples/coupons I have gotten since starting this "mission", you might say I have OCD! Not to mention the amount of sweeps that I have entered! Even I couldn't answer that question right now!
But, I'll tell you this - today on my lunch break I went to Walmart. I had three 'free' coupons: one for a 22-ct. or less package of Always thin or Always Clean, one for a box of the new triange Lipton tea (any flavor), and one for a free 16 oz or less Carnation Coffee Creamer, so I got the new Blueberry Cobbler Creamer, which is like HEAVEN to me! Plus I used some Vaseline coupons, and I got me some of their new Cocoa Butter lotion (yum!) ($1 off coupon), some of their Healthy hands and nail lotion ($1.50 off coupon), and some of their new foot lotion ($1.50 off coupon). My original total was $27.53, but with coupons, it came to $17.74.
Boo-Yah!!! How's that for savings?!
Go Angie!!!

Anyway, I'll stop back... after all this Bloggy Giveaway business, I've decided that I'd start posting more and maybe I could make some blog friends?
Be blessed!

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